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With a pioneering sales focussed backed by proven success in generating multi-million pound revenues, I have extensive experience within the technology services industry. Energetic, entrepreneurial and results orientated, my roles to date have demanded exemplary strategic, creative, technical and analytical vision. Whether significantly growing sales, closing major accounts, identifying new partnerships or building strong customer relationships, I have developed and driven high performing sales forces and start-up business units throughout my 20-year career. My specialties include identifying market trends, mapping technologies to business challenges and thinking outside the box. I thrive on challenge and I push boundaries.

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A good business startup consultant is not always easy to find and may not always be an affordable option, but whether you’re new to business and just starting out, or a well established business looking to grow, I think you’ll find my tailor-made list of solutions a great place to start. Just roll over (not literally) the titles below for more information on how I can help your business succeed, new or otherwise.

Business Startup Consultant

Online Strategy & Competitor Keyword Analysis

Cloud based solutions for small business

Responsive Website Design & Development

Branding, Graphics & Content Creation

Natural Search & Social Media Marketing (SEO & SMM)

Paid Search Marketing & Online Advertising (PPC)

CRM Meets Sales & Marketing Automation

Business Technology Consulting

 Q: How much money should I spend on my website?

A: Nothing, instead you should simply invest what you can comfortably afford.

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Frequently asked questions about Mango & how to compete online

To help you compete online, I’ve compiled a list of the top 15 questions I am frequently asked by prospective clients…plus a couple of extras!

How can I successfully compete online?

Hire me.

What's with the name?

The word ‘Mango’ was taken from the Latin phrase mango-onis, meaning salesperson or trader. It was then associated with the word ‘Trust’ for a reason, and no, it’s not because I’m Latin.


If I was still about, I’d Trust Mango for sure…..

Why should I use Trust Mango and not a cheaper freelancer or large digital agency?

Quite simply, when you chose to work with me, you get the best of both worlds, and if you want to successfully compete online, you need an edge. Freelancers are great, I use them myself, but managing a remote worker and/or remote teams in order to ensure they deliver what they promised, when they promised it, can be somewhat troublesome to say the least. Without a doubt, agencies have the edge on the freelancer, simply because more heads are better than one, but then more heads cost more money and very often, a lot more money. I operate Trust Mango because I love what I do and I like helping companies grow, I’m simply not in it for the money.

What is the average size of a client?

Over the years, I have found that there is no such thing as a typical company, only typical needs and wants. I find myself working with small business owners because I love the passion and enthusiasm they have for their businesses, and I love working with large international companies because like them, I thrive on the challenge of a seemingly impossible project! I specialize in organic revenue growth through the better application of technology, so my expertise takes me into all types of companies and into many different industries and vertical market sectors.

Who do Trust Mango work with?

I enjoy working with individuals and organizations who love what they do and want to compete online, they tend to be the ones who want to make a real difference. All of my clients are committed to improvement and to working collaboratively in a  partnership so that together we can develop an online business solution that will exceed all goals and expectations. The work may be hard, but we have fun along the way.

My experience has taught me that no two client situations are ever the same and that pre-packed products and services simply do not work. When I work with new clients, I take the time to listen so that I can truly understand the issues and challenges. I then ‘partner’ with them to develop sales and marketing solutions that are tailored to their specific needs.

Why is my domain name important?

People tend to search by keyword, not by company name, so if you want to compete online, we want to grab their attention as quickly as possible.

Registering a new gTLDs (Generic Top Level Domain) gives your business the opportunity to grow your online presence professionally. Take my automated technology for example, which is arguably more descriptive than With the new gTLDs, you have more control and flexibility over your company’s image, as well as your name strategy. More importantly, you can enhance both your internal and external communications with a stronger point of interest by choosing a domain name that is keyword specific. You will soon be able to secure sector focused domains with .shop, .fashion or .bank extensions, which will help consumers associate your brand with a specific industry or area of expertise. In addition, you can also appeal to groups of users based on location or language by securing a domain with a .london or .town extension. The opportunities are endless. These new gTLDs are a great way to set your brand apart and increase awareness, so I strongly recommend to all my clients that they take note, and advantage, of how the internet is changing.

The History of the TLD

How can I compete online and stand out from the crowd?

The first thing you need to do to stand out online, is to differentiate yourself. Now I know that sounds obvious, and the question is ‘yeah, but how?’ but I’ll come to that soon enough. By differentiate, I mean, do it better, do it more often, do whatever it is you do to the best of your ability and share that message with the world. The trick is ‘connected communications’ and ‘conversation domination’. What do I mean by that I hear you ask, well put simply, it means build a presence that the search engines will love. Don’t cheat and don’t lie. Honesty is the best policy. If you chose to have social media accounts, use them. Don’t just tweet for the sake of it and don’t post garbage. In truth, there are lots of ways to do a good job and I’m running out of space here, so if this is something that you’d like to know more about, get in touch and we’ll talk about how we can make it happen.

What are my ongoing costs likely to be for online marketing?

When it comes to online marketing, you really do need to ‘spend it to make it’, but done correctly, your long term ROI (Return on Investment) will outweigh your short term costs. It’s often cash flow that’s the issue, not the ongoing cost of online marketing. The bit most people don’t quite get is that you MUST understand your conversion ratios BEFORE you start throwing serious amounts of money at online marketing. Let me use PPC (Pence Per Click) as an example. You identify a bunch of keywords, create an AdWords campaign and set your maximum CPC (Cost Per Click) at say, £2.50. Now, what we need to know ASAP is how many clicks do you need before you get the opportunity to quote, and then how many quotes do you typically have to send out before you secure a sale. As long as the gross margin on sales is more than the net cost of acquisition, you’re in! So the cost we’re really looking for is called your CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) and when we understand this, we can forget about ‘ongoing costs’ and start focusing on the ‘lifetime customer value’.

The short answer is nothing.

Would I need to retain you in order to manage and measure my online marketing campaigns?

Honestly, no, because part of my job is making your job easier. Things like analytical reporting, number of visitors and goal conversion are scheduled and automated, but I’m happy to help you continually compete online if you need me to.

What’s the most effective way to make money from my website?

Great question! It’s REALLY important that you understand the different ways to make money from your website as it’s most likely that your business and your website are totally different things and they just so happen to be businesses in their own right. Point number one; select the right model(s). Get this wrong and your website will be professional, but not profitable – and that’s not quite what we’re looking for. Thankfully, the many options you have fundamentally break down into just a few, so here’s my top 5:

1. E-Commerce & Lead Capture for Direct Sales (your own products and/or services)
2. Affiliate Sales Promotion (other people’s products and/or services)
3. Advertising (your content mixed with other people’s messages)
4. Brokerage
 (bringing buyers and sellers together to facilitate transactions)
5. Subscriptions
 (users are charged a periodic daily, monthly or annual fee to access information).

My advice is to be very clear on how you intend to make money via your website, because although business is definitely NOT about the money, a business isn’t a business without it! We’ll come back to this later, but for now follow this link if you’re not instantly sure which model suits you best.

Can and should I do any of this myself if I am not technically minded?

Honestly, no. It can takes years to master some of the technologies used in today’s online communications systems, and quite often by the time you’ve ‘got it’, things have changed. That said, I’m a big believer that personal development and learning new skills is an important part of life, so I guess it’s all about time vs reward; if you think you should, then you should. However, the world is full of highly skilled individuals that are happy and willing to do the things you need to do but don’t know how, so why not utilise them? The trick, as I have found, is to know exactly what it is that needs doing and then find an expert. Something that might take you weeks, months or even years to learn will most certainly take an expert much less, in which case you’d be paying for ‘just what you need, no more and no less’ and don’t worry if you don’t know where to find them, because I do.

What kind of website should I develop?

If you really want to compete online, what you’re looking for is a responsive website. This basically means the code will automatically re-organize your content to good look on desktops, notebooks and smartphones. Simple yet effective. No doubt you’ll have an idea of what you want your website to look like, but a good looking website is not enough. Without going into too much detail, there are plenty of open source website platforms to choose from and various different coding languages that will confuse you forever, if you let them. Don’t let them. I’ve used and designed websites in many platforms and for newbies and professionals alike, I now only recommend WordPress. It’s free, easy to use, widely adopted and supported by a community of millions. Need I say more?

How can I be sure that by marketing my business online I will generate more sales?

You can’t. Marketing doesn’t generate more sales, salespeople do. But assuming you have some of those, or you are one yourself, marketing your business online will eliminate the need to go door knocking!

What other areas of my business can you help me with?

As an Entrepreneur & Business Consultant, with many (many) years of experience, trial and error under my belt, I now stick to what I know best.

Here’s a summary of what I know best;

Entrepreneurship, Direct Sales & Marketing, Goal Setting, Goal Achievement, Time Management, Target Account Selling, Team Leadership, Team Building, Telecommunications, VoIP, Unified Communications, Market Research, Business Start Up, Application Development, Business Funding, Growth Strategies, Internet Technologies, Online Marketing, SEO, PPC, Website Design & Development, Business Restructuring, Customer Relationship Management, Lead Generation, Marketing Automation, Systems Integration, Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Web Analytics, Competitor Analysis, Personal Development and Information & Communications Technology – pretty much in that order since 1992.

You talk, I listen and together we take action.

What should I do first?

The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step, fancy a piggy back?

Where are you on your journey?

Right here, right now. For me, that’s all that really matters.

Testimonials “FACTA NON VERBA”

If you’re looking to hire the best online business consultant in the UK and accelerate the growth of your business, read the testimonials and then give me a call.

+44 203 411 5700 – Seriously.

Read through your book, it is amazing. Thank you very much. Great work! There are so many guys out there charging an insane amount, but not helping it all.
Calvyn Scholtz GIBB Engineering & Science
Neil is truly an entrepreneur’s entrepreneur and has certainly helped this débutante in launching her entrepreneurial career. I have found Neil very generous in his advice and support and he is certainly ahead of the curve in terms of his insight. I am really enjoying working with Neil and I find him very easy going. He holds an authority on his subject with much of his advice benefiting my business. I would certainly recommend approaching Neil for help and guidance with delivering an I.T project.
Sian Thomas Rosian Enterprise, Managing Director
Neil is a great team player and really committed to making people successful. I’ve found him to be a focussed and responsive professional who really delivers when it matters.
Chris Watkins Sevenills Group, Managing Director
Neil is very knowledgeable and proactive in helping clients within the Growth Accelerator scheme. I have always found him very well prepared and supportive of what we, and the clients wanted to achieve.
Barbara Marchelle Business and People Development
Neil is incredibly driven to see through any task he takes on and If he tells you he can do something, then he can; he possesses a great work ethic. He is a great asset for any company looking to grow, with a portfolio of ideas and procedures that is second to none.
Steven Lyons Sesame Access Systems, Managing Director
Neil has a visionary outlook and is very entrepreneurial and driven. He has a strong sales and marketing background and has been able to win and manage large projects with national and international clients. Highly recommended as a sales and marketing professional
Shaun Sen Ingram Micro, HP Business Development Manager
Neil is without question one of the most influential and successful people I have ever had the pleasure of working with. His energy and ideas are always incredible and I have no hesitation in recommending him.
Paul Hobbs SBL, Managed Services
On a personal level, I found Neil to be a very down to earth person, very approachable and courteous, a sort of a new age English gentleman. He will not go his own way and leave you to fend for yourself.
Azhar Badulla Touch Unified Communications, Managing Director
Neal is a very good salesman with the ability to identify trends and turn them into sales revenue
Peter Tebbutt Alcatel Lucent Enterprise at Alcatel-Lucent, UK&I Country Sales Leader
Neil is a true entrepreneur, he is personable and very knowledgeable. I look forward to working with Neil in his new venture and wish him every success! I have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone that may wish to use his services.
Dean Sale Voice Mobile Limited and Voice Holdings Limited, Sales Director
Neil was instrumental. He enthused us with his confidence, knowledge and experience and tamed what was initially a very daunting project/prospect. I heartily recommend him.
Martin Langmald Peplink, Technical Marketing Engineer
Neil impressed me with his flair for marketing and sales in the high tech field of telecommunications. He is a strategic thinker and works extremely hard to implement agreed objectives.
John Benfold Chartered Accountant and Businessman
rare commodity theses days, Neil is focused on what he does and turns this into success. Would I recommend Neil? Absolutely. Would I recommend the work he does? absolutely!
Chris Tucker Vodaphone, Field Sales Manager
Neil is one of the most enthusiastic people I’ve ever worked with; always positive, and more than keen to win. He is very professional in his approach and understands his customer needs on a business level as well as the full sales cycle. Neil always thinks out of the box and is always full of innovative ideas and has an excellent ability to motivate a sales team. Neil is the sort of person who will be a success at what ever he turns his hand to…
Rob Walker Boxed, Commercial Director
Neil is a visionary and an extremely effective leader and manager. He is blessed with an open mind, a goal oriented yet sensitive approach to change, and a hands on, common sense, management style together with the ability to identify and realise potential in any situation. I hope very much to have the opportunity to work closely with Neil again in the future.
Simon Bonelle Penguin Consultants, Recruitment Consultant
Neil is one of the most focused people I have had the pleasure to work with, he has outstanding management and communications skills.
Peter O'Shaughnessy Swan Communications London, Managing Director
Working with Neil is always enjoyable, his understanding and knowledge of his field are first class, as well as his ability to understand my needs as a client. I can fully vouch for Neil’s professionalism and commitment towards his work.
Keith Shire Tensator Group, Head of IT
Neil is a consummate sales professional with excellent relationship building skills, a superb grasp of the sales process and a clear and effective communication style. He was easy to manage and a pleasure to work with.
David Millar Imtech ICT UK, Business Development Director


Neil was taking on by Imtech to pioneer a move into the VOIP market. he showed great tenacity and perseverance in forcing openings and creating opportunities for Imtech
Steve Gore Imtech ICT Limited, Finance Director
I worked with Neil for a number of years. He is dependable with a high level of integrity which has created a great deal of respect, not just from the management team, but also customers. Neil generated long relationships with our team and our clients who trusted him to deliver the best solution and services for their businesses. His commercial awareness is a great asset and he has never failed to find a solution for a problem.
Paul Ballinger Nine Group, Group Sales Director
Neil is an intelligent media entrepreneur with an inherent talent for bringing new ideas to life. He has substantial knowledge in the area of web development and has demonstrated unique skills in rapidly establishing new on-line business opportunities for ICT communities.
Nigel Sergent Business Media Ltd , Publisher
As a high achiever, Neil was part of ‘Club Elite’ a program that took top performers all over the world. His ability to be creative and his customer report was what set him apart from others.
Keith A Rapp Alcatel-Lucent, National Sales Director
I first worked with Neil in the mid 1990’s and have remained a friend and business associate ever since. Neil is one of the most dynamic and entrepreneurial people I know; he is quick to see an opportunity and has the imagination, energy, focus and enthusiasm needed to generate profit from a diverse range of fields in which he has operated, bringing him success in both the corporate environment as well as in his own enterprises.
Neil Dunham UKI Major SP at Juniper Networks, Director, Sales
Neil is a highly driven, ambitious individual who gets results from hard work, dedication and a well thought out approach to business. I have no hesitation in recommending Neil as one of the most talented entrepreneurs and highest quality sales people I have had the pleasure to work with over the last twenty years.
Richard Butcher F5 Networks, Sales Director
I was delighted to have Neil on board at the Ritz London during the refurbishment plan. Neil was a key player in the IT and Telecommunication project.
Luc Delafosse The Ritz London, General Manager
It was a pleasure working with Neil.
Laurent Stadelmann UK Online Retailer

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